Countdown to the Hourglass/ Orchard Book Club Signing Event

What a great blog post to read! You are one amazing lady and its going to be a treat to see you….. And your gorgeous table 🙂

Lisa Fulham - Author


I’m on a countdown, one of the biggest countdowns of my life. Two weeks from today I will be attending my first ever signing. I have no idea what to expect and to be perfectly honest I’m flitting between extreme excitement and totally crapping myself.

The signing is being held by the wonderful Hourglass Events ladies Rachel and Jo and Orchard Book Club. I’ve known Rachel around two years now, if not longer and she has always been a huge supporter of me and so many other indie authors.

You can find out more about the fabulous ladies in this candid Interview they did with the equally fabulous Cameron Lincoln.

So why am I so worried? It’s the first time I’ve met my readers face to face, there’s over thirty authors attending, I’m not exactly well known and I keep having visions of sitting at my table all…

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