Our Interview with Tracie Podger :)

Tracie  usually does Blogger or Author Spotlights, but she wanted to know a little more about us ladies at Hourglass Events, Jo & Rachel.

We organised the first signing Tracie attended in Peterborough earlier this year and she will be joining us at the next two we have planned….



Jo and Rachel


Part 1.
TJP: Thank you ladies, for agreeing to be interviewed.
HG: Thank you so much for asking us to join you.,
TJP: Let’s start with you telling the readers a little about yourselves.
HG: We are two very good friends who met over 7 years ago when our daughters started school. Within the school, we both joined the school parents committee and soon became very involved in all the events… This was the start of it all, we knew we could organise and host events on a bigger and much more professional level….. And that’s what we did, Hourglass was born 🙂
TJP: How did you come up with the name ‘Hourglass’?
HG: We had a few ideas for a name to start with but Hourglass seems the right one for us. Time is a big factor in people lives, we spend the time organising the events allowing the clients to take that step back. Shape of a wine glass and a ladies figure all very apt for us.
TJP: I had the pleasure of joining you at your first author signing event in Peterborough earlier this year. Can you tell us what prompted the decision to organise a signing?
HG: Rachel co-owns Orchard Book Club she was in touch with lots of different authors and thought that this was a challenge we could do together and with Jo being uber organised just knew we could put on a successful event that would be the start of many.
TJP: How easy/hard/*insert emotion* was it to organise the event? What was the hardest challenge to overcome?
HG: It was definitely a challenge, with notebooks for Rachel and spreadsheets for Jo, but we are both very organised in our own ways and have different strengths which helped to make the event a success. Hard thing….. the end of the night, just didn’t want to end the day.
TJP: It was wonderful to see your partners at the evening party – they clearly support you both. How much of your time do you spend on Hourglass and what affect has that had on your lives?
HG: Bless them, we have great support at home. We spend a good proportion of our lives on Hourglass now, we try very hard to respond to everyone within a couple of hours via social media and emails. It has meant we are now incredibly busy but it’s had a very positive affect on our lives.
TJP: Leeds 2016 is the next signing Hourglass are organising, was there a reason for choosing this destination?
HG: At the Peterborough Event we left books out for people to leave their comments and views. One of the most common comments was a request for a large event to be in the north of the UK and with Leeds having a close airport and good rail links  it was a good and easy place for readers to get to.
TJP: What can readers and authors expect from Leeds?
HG : A fantastic event ! Leeds has over 60 authors from all genres and coming from all over the world. We pride ourselves on creating a friendly and fun atmosphere with all the little personal touches you would expect from us!

 Part 2.

TJP: What can we expect after Leeds from Hourglass?
HG: We have “The Darker Side Of Fiction” signing planned for 2017 in Peterborough! This signing will be focusing of the Horror, thriller, crime, paranormal and fantasy genres. Something a bit different, but we feel it’s time to bring more of these authors in to the limelight.
2018…well let’s say …. We have plans and wheels in motions 😉
And now for some slightly more probing but hopefully humorous and tongue in cheek questions…
TJP: Did you fall out, even slightly, over the plans for your signings *insert a wink here*?
HG: Sorry but we haven’t fallen out about any of the details! We work very well together, our views can be different but once we have thrown ideas around we are always agreed on the direction we should go.
TJP: Of all the authors you have met or are yet to meet, and assuming you were not married to your wonderful partners, who would you – Kiss, Marry, Hug, Want as a BF?
Kiss: defo after a few gins going to kiss Sarah Elizabeth!
Marry: Lisa fulham tho Cameron might not like that!
Hug: has to be you, Tracie x
Want as a BF: Jo lol Rachel lol
TJP: Have you any desire to write yourselves and if so, what genre?
HG: Jo would definitely try a thriller, she loves a murder! Rachel would have to be a dark and naughty book *grins*
TJP: You are to arrange a dinner party – list five people, past or present, that you would love to invite and why?
1 J k Rowling just like to sit and have a coffee with her.
2 Brad pit, from my teenage years fantasies!
3 Ricky Willson Kaiser chiefs, love his voice!
4 Lee childs he would be such an interesting person to talk to.
5 Agatha Christie, I read all her books and would love to get inside her mind.
1 Tom hanks, just think he would have so much to talk about and love all his work.
2 Freya North, massive fan of her books and would like to ask her a million questions.
3 David Gandy, just because he is pretty to look at!
4 Brandon Flowers from the Killers, so he could sing to me 🙂
5 Vidal Sassoon, Creative genius.

Part 3 sees a little cheekiness 😉 What did Jo & Rachel think of my quick fire round…
TJP: Favourite drink? Gin for both of us.
TJP: Favourite food? Curry for Jo, Cheese and dip for Rachel
TJP: Favourite holiday destination?
Jo: New York
Rachel: Thailand
TJP: Favourite colour?
Jo: Red
Rachel Red ….Hence the Red Hourglass 🙂
Back to the sensible stuff…
TJP: Where do you see yourselves in five years time?
HG: We see ourselves working full time as Hourglass, in a cosy office in the city (Peterborough) and having lots of plans and events in place with massive smiles on our faces every day.
TJP: Would you consider organising a signing abroad?
HG: Yes! We are always open to new ideas and venues.
TJP: Give us all the links you wish for readers to know about and follow with regard to Hourglass’ amazing events?
We can be found on most of the social media sites now but here are a few links:
Leeds facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Leeds-Author-Event-2016/640824189355594
The Darker side facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Darker-Side-Of-Fiction/879119735481907
Twitter @JoRaHourglass
Web site still under construction…….
Thank you, ladies for your wonderful answers to my probing questions, it was a delight to get to know you a little better and I look forward to meeting you again in ‪#‎LeedsAuthorevent2016‬

Thank you Traice for taking the time to interview us, it was a lot of fun that night answering all the questions.

Please pop over and see the post Tacie did for us over on her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TraciePodgerAuthor?fref=ts


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