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We would like to welcome Glenn Haigh to the Leeds signing!


Glenn Haigh first began writing stories inside of his own head during his after school paper round. It wasn’t long before they found their way to paper.

Glenn lives in Leeds where he was born in 1978.

As a teenager he struggled at school with undiagnosed learning difficulties that led to him to be perceived as being unable and unwilling to learn. Adding to his struggles was the fact he was ‘different’ to other boys. In 1994 he left school with four below par GCSEs.

Three years later, having refused to give up on himself, he had achieved the qualifications needed for him to go to university where he gained a 2:1 degree. For five years after this he enjoyed losing himself in the tourism industry spending much of this time overseas.

In 2006 he qualified as a secondary school teacher and has been teaching ever since. he’s immensely proud to have been able to help many young people secure places at university- some that in his day would have been considered of non-university caliber just like him.

His favourite thing to do is hang out with his  niece Abigail who takes up most of is school holiday time. Abigail also provided all of the inspiration for the character Freya in ‘The Memory Tourist’- his debut novel.

We are so pleased he will be joining us in Leeds next year.

Sure you will all give her a warm family welcome


Here are some of Glenn’s links to peek at 🙂




Come and meet and our 62 fabulous authors signing at Leeds



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