✫ The Darker Side of Fiction Author Announcement ✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.

We would like to welcome  Charmain Marie Mitchell to the Darker Signing!

Having ran a succesful Garden Centre then a Floristry Buisness, Charmain Mitchell never really had time to concentrate on her passion for writing.

Throughout her life, Charmain has wanted to become an author, but family and business commitments stood in the way and her writing consisted of a few short stories on the rare occasion that she had time to write them.

In late 2012 a freak accident finally allowed time for Charmain to indulge in her passion for writing. She says of this “Then a few weeks ago I fell over whilst trying to catch chickens and ended up breaking my ankle! Quite a comical way to break your ankle – I know; especially when I have kept horses for the majority of my life and have never yet broken any bones where they are concerned!

Suddenly I had six clear weeks in which I wouldn’t be able to move very well? Help! How was I going to cope with doing zilch for that long? Then I thought maybe I should do a bit of writing, and that is what I did, and the strange thing is, is that I haven’t been able to stop since!”

She says of her writing

“I love writing, it is truely my passion! I love the way that through words I can make people think and feel differently, feel passion, sometimes pain, and get totally lost in my words. I love the fact that a brilliant writer will live forever, and will in some way inflenuce generations to come. Is it not marvelous that we can still look back to writing from over two thousand years ago and believe in it and still learn from it?

The human imagination is a wonderous thing, it creates and then brings to life stories on a screen, and sometimes we believe in these stories so much that they become our passion. I’m talking about for instance: The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Star wars etc… I think we actually forget sometimes that all of these stories were started with a simple idea on a piece of paper, and they grew to be something that some of us forget started from the author’s imagination”.

Charmain Mitchell lives in a small rural village, nestled in the south downs of the UK with her 4 children, husband, 2 cats, and countless chickens, ducks and quail.

You can find Charmain here:




Charmaine was with us in 2015 and so pleased she  will be joining us again to sign at Darker, sure you will all give her a warm welcome x

Come and meet our fabulous authors signing for the Darker event in October 2017, its going to be a day and night to remember  : )




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