☆☆☆The Countdown has begun for the Darker Side Of Fiction 2017 tickets☆☆☆

We excited to say that the Darker 2017 author signing tickets will be on sale from
10pm on Monday the 10th October 2016!  





Countdown has begun….Now we know you are all most likely rolling your eyes and saying that is ages away but honestly it whizzes by! Make sure you are in the Darker Facebook group as on the 10th we will be have a massive day of fun and give-aways!

Thought we should share the venue with you first off – the hotel for the whole event is the Holiday Inn Peterborough West
Thorpe Wood
United Kingdom.


Both the Signing and the Evening Charity Darker ball will be here.


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☆☆☆ We are proud to announce the Darker Side Of Fiction 2017 Authors ☆☆☆

A.Meredith Walters / A.M.Irvin
Adrian Martin
Amy Plum
Apryl Baker
C J Daugherty
Cameron Lincoln
Carmilla Voiez
Charmain Marie Mitchell
Chris Turnbull
Claire C Riley
D H Sidebottom
D M Wolfenden
D S Wrights
Dianna Hardy
Frank Westworth
Gina Dickerson
Glenn Haigh
Helen Bright
Hemmie Martin
J A Belfield
J G Clay
Jane E James
Joey Paul
Katie John
Katie Young
Ker Dukey
L E Fitzpatrick
Laura Morgan
Lavinia Urban
Martin Tracey
Mary E. Palmerin
Melody Winter
Muriel Garcia
Paula Acton
R J Truman
Raven Anxo
Rebecca Sherwin
Ross Greenwood
Rumer Haven

Sarah E. England
Shani Struthers
Simon Parker
Sloane Murphy
Susan Elle
Tracie Podger
Victoria L. James
Yolanda Olson




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~ This Public group is for the authors and fans coming to the DARKER book signing event. Here you can chat, swap ideas and get to know each other before the event making it all more fun and a closer feel. Feel free to post any promo that will help the event.
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