•´*¨`*•✿ LEEDS ANNOUNCEMENT ❥¸.•´*¨`*•

We are very excited to welcome Kristy Nicolle to the 2018 Leeds event!


Where do i begin…
It’s almost eight years since the start of my writing journey and as a writer you’d think I’d be great at telling my own story. Yet, here I am, stuck on how to begin. I suppose my love of writing began when I first fell in love with reading. When i was small, I used to get bedtime stories just like any other child, but the difference was I didn’t want to be read to, I wanted to be the one telling the story. So my poor Dad definitely had his fill of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and my personal favourite ‘Angelina Ballerina’s baby sister’. (I took this same book out from the library every single week for a year) I’ve come a long way from then, a LONG way. Since those days in my hometown in Norwich, I’ve since moved away to University in the English city of Lincoln to study and refine my craft. It’s been a long uphill slog for sure, but definitely worth it in every sense of the word. I love writing, but I particularly love Fantasy as a genre because of the freedom that it provides, as well as the insight it can give into the domestic. In October 2015 I was diagnosed with the chronic pain disease Fibromyalgia, which has mean’t I’ve really clung to the escape that writing provides, as well as seeing the worth in what I do in giving others that escape. I think human beings are drawn to storytelling and we always have been, it’s in our make-up. Stories can give you a lift or a laugh on the worst of days, and I’ve already found myself in love with other characters and stories to the point where I wished I could make them real. I feel this very strong pull to world building and character crafting that I just can’t explain and i feel like it’s always been a part of who I am, it just took me a long time to want to share that with the world. Now though, i’m ready.

I hope you’ll enjoy stepping into my imagination through my work, just make sure to wipe your feet before entering and that you close the door on your way out. Can’t have a drafty imagination now can we?

Thanks for reading  and look forward to meeting you at the Leeds signing xx

Kristy Nicolle x


You can follow Kristy here:



Tickets to meet Kristy at Leeds are on sale now!



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