Leeds 2018 line up 

Have you seen the amazing authors signing at Leeds 2018!!
A V Scott

Alice Raine

Anna-Maria Athanasiou

Annie Hughes

Beverley Hollowed

C A Ellis

Caroline Easton

Carrie Elks

Charlie M. Matthews

Charlotte E Hart

Chloe Walsh

Dawn A Keane

Dee Palmer

E J Shortall

E S Carter

Eleanor Lloyd-Jones 

Elle Brooks

Elle McKenzie

Eva Jordan

Glenn Haigh

Grace Harper

H A Robinson

Hayley Oakes

Hazel Robinson

Helen Whapshott

Isobelle Cate

J A Heron

Jessie Courts

Jill Turner

K A Hobbs

K L Jessop

Karen Ferry

Karen Frances

Katie Fox

Katie J Newman

Katie M John

Kristy Nicolle

L Chapman

L A Cotton

Laura Barnard

Laura Farr

Lisa J Hobman

Lizzie James

Lucy Felthouse

M A Horst

M B Feeney

Martin Ferguson

Matthew Drzymala

Melanie Moreland

Muriel Garcia

Natasha Preston

Paula Acton

R G Corr

Rachel De Lune

Samantha Fontien

Samantha Towle

S M Phillips

T L Wainwright

Tara Brown

Toya Richardson

Victoria L James
Come and meet your favourite authors and discover some new ones on Saturday 3rd March 2018. Then Join us for a fabulous dinner and dance the night away with your friends at our 1920’s flapper and gangster party.

 #hourglass #leeds2018 #booksigning

Just click the link to get your tickets now. ⬇️⬇️
Hourglass events

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