Announcing Poems to My Younger Self

We are often blown away by the wonderful souls in this crazy book world and today is another one of those days. Sarah Michelle Lynch has once again pulled out all the stops to raise funds and awareness for the Leeds nominated charity. We are so incredibly humbled and thrilled that all these authors have put so much into this project and we would like to say well done and thank-you to them all for supporting our Leeds Charity Make A Wish uk.


Poems to My Younger Self

List of contributing authors:

Sarah Michelle Lynch

Eleanor Lloyd-Jones

Paula Acton

Glenn Haigh

KA Hobbs

Eli Carter

Jane Washington

Lisa Hobman

Anna-Maria Athanasiou

Charlotte Hart

Dee Palmer

Zak Hardacre

Merlot Bookbinder

Alistair Stone

Linda M. Crate

Andrea M. Long

Marian Barker

Sharena Lee Satti

Andy Lynch

Claire Riley

Lisa Fulham

Bella Settarra

Alison Clarke

Nadia Correia

Sam Dutton

Audrina Lane

Rachel Hague

OY Flemming

This is such a special charity and we know this book will provide some hope but also a generous donation, too.

All proceeds will be donated to the Make A Wish charity and will be available to buy at the event and Amazon in paperback.

One of our leeds authors KA Hobbs told us her sister was granted a wish before she died and it meant everything to her sister and their family.

This is such a special charity and we hope this book provides hope but also a generous donation, too.

Hope you will join us in sharing and supporting this book.

Again Many thanks!

#TeamHourglass #Leeds2018 #CharityBook #LeedsLoveliesRock — with Jo Curtis PA.


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