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We are pleased to welcome  Jacky Dahlhaus to the 2018 Darker signing!


Hi Everybody,

Thank you for popping over to find out a bit more about me.

I live in the beautiful countryside of north-eastern Scotland. My house looks out over a paddock of sheep and the iconic Bennachie hills range.

I have written three vampire romance novels in the Suckers Trilogy: Living Like A Vampire, Raising A Vampire, and Killing A Vampire. The third and last one is due to be published soon. Releasing A Vampire is a novelette and the prequel to the Suckers Trilogy. I’m a bit sad that the trilogy has ended, but I have plenty of new ideas in my head to write.

All three stories of the Suckers Trilogy are set in Maine, US, as I love that countryside. The colors during fall are so beautiful. I’ve never been there, but it’s on my bucket list of places to visit!

In November 2015, I joined a local writers’ club and with them, I write short stories of about one thousand words each. You can find them under the heading ‘Short Stories’ at the top of the page. I have compiled twenty of them into a little bundle, called Short Shockers, and it is available on Amazon.

I love blogging although I admit my novel writing has priority. What do I blog about? My writing, the books I’ve read, the movies I’ve watched (I watch more movies than I read books). Now and again I do a guest blog on other people’s blog and will let you know when and where this happens. I’ll try and get more guest bloggers to post on my blog as well. I will also be blogging about my home renovations and my weight loss journey. Sigh. So much to write, so little time!

In February 2016, I started Aberdeenshire Film Productions, a club for people enjoying making short films. I have the role of writer, producer, and director of the group. It is a bit much and I do hope we can find a producer soon. Together, we try and film short stories (mostly written by me). It’s a lot of fun. One of my vampire stories that we filmed, called ‘Busted!’ was screened at the Inverness Film Festival (2017). I am so proud about that! By the way, the above image of myself at the top of this page was taken during this shoot. I love dress-ups and especially wearing my fangs 😀

I wish you happy reading!

With kind regards,

Jacky Dahlhaus

Tickets for The Darker Side Of Fiction 2018 are on sale Friday 13th April
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