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We would like to welcome Martin Ferguson to the Darker Signing!




Martin Ferguson is a UK based author, previously writing under the pseudonym of Edward Drake.

Martins Bio

I live in Norwich, England and am currently working on the young adult fantasy and historical series ‘Relic Hunters’. Inspired by the myths and legends my parents told me as a boy and with the help of my ever-suffering wife, a teacher and history graduate, ‘Eagle of the Empire’ was the first entry in the ‘Relic Hunters’ series, followed by ‘Curse of the Sands’ in 2017.

My work as an author began under the name Edward Drake, with the release of the fantasy series ‘The Warrior’s Journey’ and ‘Stormheart’, along with the thriller ‘Outlaws’. I was also one of the authors featured in the Little Bird Publishing House anthology ‘Night Shade’ with the horror story ‘A Beaten and Haunted Heart’.

When not writing am training or at least planning my next challenge. Following a serious knee injury I was told by surgeons never to run or play sports again. Stubborn and reckless, much like the characters in my writing, I have not listened and have since completed the Great North Run and the Greater Manchester Marathon.


Martin’s debut series, Relic Hunters, is a Young Adult adventure series, drawing on the myths and legends of different time periods and blending them with thrill-seeking action in the modern age.

Relic Hunters is a treasure seeking adventure series in which historical tales are interwoven with modern days adventures.

​Join the Hunter brothers and the rest of the secret British Museum Team as they adventure across Europe and back into the history of Ancient Rome to recover a sacred, powerful relic, and a member of their own team.

When his brother mysteriously disappears, sixteen-year-old Adam Hunter will discover that the stories he was told as a boy have more truth to them than he ever thought possible.

To free his brother, Adam must discover the truth about the lost Roman Ninth Legion and find its fabled Eagle Standard, an artefact of mysterious mythical power. Adam will not have to do this alone, calling on the help of the covert teams of the British Museum, specialists who find and protect relics around the world.

Adam Hunter and the British Museum will need to act fast to stop an immortal tyrant who seeks to claim the Eagle of the Empire and with it bring the world to its knees.

The worst sandstorms ever recorded reveal a long forgotten secret in the Great Sand Sea Desert of Egypt; a pyramid larger than any other. Adam Hunter and the British Museum will compete against teams from across the world to discover the tombs’ riches and the truth behind the myths of the Ancient Egyptian Gods.

​In the heart of the unforgiving desert, any who enter the pyramid will face deadly traps and mind-bending illusions. Deep within the tombs awaits an evil curse that will stop at nothing to punish those who dare disturb the honoured dead. Plagues will be unleashed that will destroy everything in their path and the very world itself will be threatened.

Adam Hunter and the British Museum must stop the curse of the sands at any cost before it claims its vengeance.


You can reach Martin at any of these places:

Visit the official website at: https://www.martinfergusonauthor.com/
and on Facebook at: http://fb.me/AuthorMartinFerguson

Martin can also be found and followed on

Twitter: @MFergusonAuthor and Instagram: @mferguson100


We are so very excited Martin will be signing with us again at Darker, sure you will all give him a warm welcome x




Come and meet our fabulous authors signing for the Darker event in October 2018, its going to be a day and night to remember


Tickets are on sale now :

Saturday, October 6th 2018 doors open at 10 am – event finishes at 5pm

The Bull Hotel in Peterborough, UK

Ticket link


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