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We are pleased to welcome David McCaffrey to the 2017 Darker signing!


David lives in Redcar in the North East of England and works as an Infection Prevention and Control nurse in a local Acute trust. He has a Kelly, a Jake and a Liam.

A huge fan of Steve Alten, John Grisham and Lee Childs, David loves reading as much as he enjoys writing. Hellbound was his first novel, all thanks to Britain’s Next Bestseller and the aforementioned Steve Alten who took a chance on him as a writing coach client and taught him so much about what it takes to be a writer.

Hellbound was voted by W H Smith readers as one of 2014’s most underrated crime novels.

His second book, the novella prequel to Hellbound titled ‘In Extremis’ is currently available on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com on both Kindle and paperback and is a Semi finalist in the Kindle Book Awards 2016. ‘In Extremis’ is also available as an audio book on Audible, Amazon and ITunes; Hellbound is due out as an audio book before the end of the year.



A self professed geek, David loves Doctor Who, Arrow, Supernatural, Batman, Superman, D.C Comics, Person of Interest, Continuum, Gotham, Star Wars, The Flash, The Walking Dead, The Blacklist…beginning to see a pattern here?

He also knows he only exists as an author because of you, so thank you very much and looking forward to seeing you all in October for this Darker signing.

Join David and learn more about upcoming projects at –

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hellbound/245244502350620
Twitter – @daveymac1975
Blog -http://daveymac1975.blogspot.com



Tickets for The Darker Side Of Fiction are now on sale.




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We are pleased to announce that Eva LeNoir  will be signing in Leeds 2018!


About the Author

Eva LeNoir grew up travelling with her parents to various countries in the world. Reading was her constant companion during her travels and her ability to adapt to different cultures fed her mind with endless possibilities. The characters swimming in her head are always from various horizons with a multitude of dreams and aspirations however they always have one thing in common: The women are strong and independent. A true believer in the female cause, Eva’s wish is to portray the women in her books as the leaders. She sees them walking hand in hand with their partners and not be the sheepish followers of the male gender. But most of all, Eva LeNoir wants to offer her readers a moment of pleasure as they dive into the world of her mind’s creation.


You can find about more about Eva here:



We are thrilled to have Eva with us and Tickets to meet her in Leeds are on sale now!

With over 60 amazing authors in a beautiful city, why not come and join us!!
We are supporting the Make a Wish Charity throughout the day and the evening ball.

Get your tickets using the link below


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Still time! 

It’s not to late, you still have time to grab a ticket and Come and meet all of these fabulous authors at Darker on Saturday 7th October in Peterborough…..,, why not stay for the Darker evening charity event! 
Attending authors

A.Meredith Walters / A.M.Irvin

A P Bateman

Adrian Martin

Amy Plum

Apryl Baker

C J Daugherty

Carmilla Voiez

Charmain Marie Mitchell

Chris Turnbull 

Claire Marta

Claire C Riley

D H Sidebottom

D M Wolfenden 

D S Wrights

Dianna Hardy

Frank Westworth

Gina Dickerson

Glenn Haigh 

Helen Bright 

Hemmie Martin 

J G Clay

Jamie Summer

Jane E James

Joey Paul 

Juliet Cromwell

Katie John 

Katie Young

Ker Dukey

Laura Morgan / L C Morgans

Lavinia Urban

Martin Tracey

Mary E. Palmerin

Max Hardy

Muriel Garcia

Paula Acton

R J Truman

Raven Anxo

Rebecca Sherwin

Rob Shepherd

Ross Greenwood

Rumer Haven

Shani Struthers 

Simon Parker

Sloane Murphy

Tracie Podger

Victoria L. James
Get your tickets now!

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2019 ….. Back in Leeds!

Now our 2018 Leeds signing event has its completed line up we are not planing to. E back in Leeds March 2019! 

Sign up is open, invites going out and announcements start October 17.

#teamhourglass #Leeds2019 #ukbooksigning 

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🖤Darker Summer Mayhem Competition 🖤

Do you want to win an Amazon Gift Card?!
This is our last offer before the Darker Side of Fiction Event on the 7th October!!

So we KNOW you love reading crime, horror, fantasy, thriller, sci-fi , paranormal and dystopian books which means you’ll want to win the £15 Amazon voucher we are giving away!!!

All you need to do is buy your Darker ticket before midnight on Tuesday 29th August and be entered into this fabulous prize draw. 

You know there’s always room for a few more signed books 😈
Just click the Ticket Link 


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We are excited to announce and welcome Zak Hardacre to the Leeds 2018 signing!


I am a former British soldier now turned IT slave. I began writing around mid-2014. This was a semi-autobiographical military Trilogy, under a different name.

During this time, I took to social media to promote myself and my books. Whilst on Twitter, I came across another author Dakota Storm who also writes under a different name. After mutual consent, and a bit of arm twisting on her part, we decided to collaborate on a book titled “Explosive Chemistry”

I enjoyed the experience so much I decided to continue on my own. I then released two more books on my own. The first titled “Undercover Liaisons”, the other “The Principals Daughter”. Both of these have military themes running through them as they are based on my experiences in the military and Private Security Industry

I wrote a trilogy of books based on the life and experiences of a male escort. They follow a young Irishman, the innocence of his first chance meeting with an older lady. She opens his eyes into the world of BDSM. After gaining a taste for it, he tries to discover more about the lifestyle while travelling abroad. The final book focuses on him acting as a male escort in a professional capacity. The main character experiences both sides of the BDSM lifestyle as a dom and a submissive. It was a challenge as I write as both male and female POV in the first person.

I recently released my first erotica novel, which is a dark psychological tale. It follows the lives of three different characters Oliver, Brianna and Ashton. It was challenging to write as it is written in the first person and the subject was quite complex. I throughly enjoyed it and it has so far been well received.

Myself as a person.

I am a fun loving guy, and a bit of a joker. My philosophy is never take yourself too seriously, and live life to the full. I am a naturally shy person, not one that likes the spotlight. This may have something to do with my time in the military. This is not the impression I give out most people say, but it is none the less true. It has been remarked that I am like an Energizer Bunny of cum shots. I thought that was rather sweet, but feckin hilarious!!!

When I have free time, I love to be surrounded by family, friends, great food, or engrossed in a good book. My erotic imagination comes from experiences and thoughts I have while either working or playing. I love the great outdoors and am a keen sportsman having competed in Triathlon for a number of years.

I like to set myself challenges and goals, be in writing or in my private life. This is probably down to my competitive nature. I do a personal physical challenge every year, one of my life time ambitions is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, and to cycle across “Death Valley” in the USA.


You can follow Zak here:




Tickets to meet Zak in Leeds are on sale now!



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Darker tickets

Don’t miss this event! 

Come and meet some Wickedly Dark crime, horror, fantasy, thriller, sci-fi , paranormal and dystopian authors on Saturday 7th October 2017 at the Holiday Inn west Peterborough. 
Later enjoy the Darker Ball, enjoy fabulous meal and dance the night away at our Charity Fundraiser Ball – supporting Young Minds and Sue Ryder Hospice
Get your tickets NOW by clicking the link below ⬇️⬇️


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We are pleased to announce that Chris Turnbull will be signing in Leeds 2018

I’m Chris, Reading and Writing have always been a passion of mine, I love the feeling of been drawn into a good book and escaping into another world.
Writing has been something that has been with me from a young age, and creating characters is something I particually enjoy.
 My writing is almost always set in the past, I love finding out about times gone by and try to include the knowledge I learn about the era into my book, and hopefully you too may learn something you didn’t know before.
Chris was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire in England.
The eldest of two sons Chris originally wanted to become a dog groomer and trained in this field before working on a farm in the grooming room as well as helping with the dog hydrotherapy.
After a few years Chris moved on, and found a job at Bradford University working with PhD students in the Biology labs. Chris enjoyed nealry 7 years here before moving over to York University to take on a similar, be it more senor role.
Chris now lives on the outskirts of York with his partner and their Jack Russell terrier

You can find about more about Chris here:


Tickets for meet Chris in Leeds are on sale now! 
With over 60 amazing authors in a beautiful city, why not come and join us!! 
We are supporting the Make a Wish Charity throughout the day and the evening ball. 

Get your tickets using the link below 

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We are just thrilled to welcome Sarah Michelle Lynch to the Leeds 2018 event! 

Sarah Michelle Lynch is a former journalist who wrote a trilogy of science fiction novels while on maternity leave.

 In 2012 she took a deep breath and published the “Ravage Trilogy” which was later re-edited and became the UNITY novels instead. Sarah is lucky that some readers have been with her since the very beginning and have read all the different books she’s written.
It quickly became clear from reader response that Sarah has a flair for penning erotic scenes and so, Sarah took inspiration from real-life people around her and wrote “A Fine Profession”, a compelling and compassionate erotic read which a number of blogs went crazy for. At book signings readers often confess in a whisper that they’ve read this book – Sarah’s first erotic novel – and sometimes, some readers have even admitted it’s their personal favourite. Since creating Lottie, a character many men and women can relate to, Sarah has penned a number of romantically themed reads ranging from erotic thrillers to new adult romances, dark romantic suspense and paranormal erotica. One factor spans all Sarah’s books – they all contain complex, strong and realistic leading men and women – 3D characters which make for compelling, compulsive reading.
Some readers run at Sarah with hugs and kisses, while others shoot daggers at her for killing their favourite character off. Sarah can only apologise and say, “The story made me do it.”
Sarah loves nothing more than to put her feet up with a book and be consumed by a story, so in turn, she endeavours to give you all this and more.

You can find Sarah on all the usual social networks but she favours Twitter, where you can find her on this handle: @SarahMichelleLy



Sarah writes sci-fi as S. M. Lynch and has another blog here: http://smlynchauthor.wordpress.com
Ticket to meet Sarah in Leeds are on sale now! 


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We are very  pleased to welcome Harper  Phoenix to the Leeds 2018 event

Harper was born and bred in East Yorkshire England, and I still live in my hometown, with my husband and children.

About Harper Phoenix 

My journey with stories began when I was just a child, I would often scribble down wherever my dreams or imagination took me.

My journey with writing stories, began much later when I became ill and housebound for a period of eighteen months. I decided I would escape real life and become immersed in a story of my creation. With the support of my husband and family my first real story was born. I would stay up night after night tapping the keys of my trusty laptop, while my husband lay sleeping beside me. I was hooked. But it wasnt as easy as that. My story needed work. A lot of it. And it sat on my computer for some years after that. Later on I decided to embark on another journey. I went to university, where I studied Creative writing and english literature.

I then decided with a new wealth of knowledge that I would once again delve into the world that I had created. I had never forgotten the characters and would often think about what I would have liked to have done with them over the years. I had grown to love them for getting me through a very difficult period in my life, and I wanted other people to read all about them. And so I began to rewrite my book.

It wasnt until I delved into the ‘Book world’ on facebook that I discovered the ‘Indie book world.’ Its amazing! So many authors are now being heard publishing this way, and I can only hope that my books will leave a lasting memory for some or all of you readers too!      

 Find more about Harper here:
Tickets to meet Harper are on sale now :


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